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First blog post! (and what I did in the past two weeks)

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Hi there! By the time you read this my website will be published and publicized- thanks for visiting and reading my first ever blog post on!

One of my big goals this year was to continue to establish myself as a professional in this field. I made a Facebook page (which you can view by clicking here!) and tried to post more frequently on my social media (like my Instagram here!). A huge part of this goal was to create a website to function as an online portfolio and a way for others to get to know more about me and the work I do.

So here I am! I plan to post about the projects I’m working on and any news that pertains to the chronicles of being an always learning adapting artist. So here’s a brief(?) overview of the past two weeks to get the ball rolling!

*Since this is the first-ever blog post they won't be this long, no worries!*

In the last week of June I had the pleasure of being apart of two murder mystery dinner shows (located in Jersey City and Bridgewater, NJ). I always have fun working these events because you always leave with a story to tell!

The day between the shows on June 27th, I made my way to the Jersey Shore Film Festival to support my incredible former acting teacher, A.J. Ciccotelli and some of my dearest friends for the world premiere of his short film “The Dance” ( I run the social media for the film and you can like its Facebook page here and the Instagram page here!

That same weekend on June 30th, I got married! … Well, not really. I got to play bride as a model for the Hypnotica Studios “Bohemian Brides” photoshoot! I had such a lovely time shooting two bridal looks on the beach with another lovely model and around ten photographers at a beautiful location!

This week I got back to my remote job as an app broadcaster. I took a break for the month of June and resumed this week and was welcomed with open arms to my 20,000 “fans” who I affectionately call my Bigo amigos!

I also got some to spend some time with the New Jersey Thespian Adult State Board to get ready for the upcoming festival this year. As the sponsorship coordinator for the Educational Theatre Association Chapter, my main responsibilities are to recruit potential sponors and raise money for our non-profit and the yearly NJ Thespian Festival for high school students. I have had such an amazing past two years working with this board and it feels great to work behind the scenes of this organization in which I have so many high school memories with! You can read more about the NJ Thespians here at

Thanks so much for reading my first ever blog post! If you enjoyed this, you can subscribe to my bi-weekly newsletter here! In this newsletter, I’ll be creating a two-week review that will include any posted social media updates, blog posts, and some brief words of wisdom all in one convenient email sent to your inbox!

Thanks again and hoping to catch you here again!

Much love,

Sarah Osman

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William Rowland
William Rowland
Aug 03, 2019

Loved the first blog keep going many more to come😊

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