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'Closure' - Short Film!

Patrick K. Carthy and Sarah Osman (me!) behind the scenes of 'Closure'!

At the beginning of November, I got to collaborate with filmmaker friend Eric Hackler to work on a short film titled Closure!

I first met Eric working on projects with our many mutual friends, and grew to become friends with him and a huge admirer of his work. When he shared the film treatment with me, I couldn't help but be extremely excited to get to work with him again on this amazing story he created with Alice Murphy.

BTS w/ Jessica Jasionowski and Julia Ferris!

Working with this wonderfully talented team was such a great experience! Check out the cool behind the scenes photos in this post to get a feel for the story, as for the other details- they're a secret!

Can't wait for you to see this awesome group of people that I had the amazing opportunity to work with! Check back later for updates and to see more of Eric's work visit his site !

Behind the scenes of 'Closure' with: Top row left to right - John O'Reilly, Patrick K. Carthy, Joe Patterson, Leon Weyhknecht IV / Second row - Yasmin Osman, Jessica Jasionowski, Julia Ferris, Sarah Osman (me!), Jack Hadden / Bottom left - our incredible director Eric Hackler!

(Published 1/30/2020)

Sarah Osman

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If you filmed backstage footage immediately during the filming of the film, then maybe you can upload it to this article? Only you will have to use a free vob converter to process and convert to mp4 for downloading, but I think it won’t take much time.

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