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'Sleepover' - SVA Short Film!

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

In mid-November I had the wonderful opportunity to work with filmmaker and School of Visual Arts student Tati Tift on her second-year film, titled Sleepover! I've had the honor of calling Tati my friend, as we both attended the same performing arts high school, and to work with her out-0f-school was a dream.

We discussed the film story some months prior to her eventually sending me the script, and when I read it I was in complete awe. Without going into too much detail of the story, this short film Tati wrote and directed includes themes involving family, facing reality, and societal issues.

Over the two days of filming I got to work with Tati, her amazing team, and the other actress in the film. Check out the behind-the-scenes shots in the gallery below and use the arrows to navigate!

1. Sarah Osman (me!) , Ella Dior, Fengze (Larry) Liang, Hanaan Louis

2. Hanaan Louis, Fengze (Larry) Liang, Alima Sarah, Tati Tift, Ella Dior

3. Zach Cruz, Ella Dior, Fengze (Larry) Liang, Sarah Osman

4. Hanaan Louis, Fengze (Larry) Liang, Alima Sarah

5. Sarah Osman, Ella Dior

6. Sarah Osman, Ella Dior

7. Yoko Chen, Tati Tift, Fengze (Larry) Liang, Jax Zhang, Arnav Gupta 8. Sarah Osman

I had an amazing time working with this extremely talented group of people and I'm so looking forward to sharing the story and more information on this piece!

The amazing team I got to work with! (trying to have names in line order!)

Arnav Gupta, Ella Dior, Ms. Tift, Tati Tift, Alina Sarah, Zach Cruz, Yoko Chen, Jax Zhang, Sarah Osman, Fengze (Larry) Liang

(Published 2/2/2020)

Sarah Osman

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