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Submit to and share my film project! - Quarantine Collective (Adapting Artists)

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Hi there! I'm working on a project and would love your support!


My team and I are SO pumped at the responses we've been receiving! At the moment we have videos and responses from all over and it is unreal how art can allow us to connect in seemingly isolated times.


Other than the video being filmed horizontally, there are no specifications with quality or formatting so videos can be filmed professionally or casually on a phone. Also please make sure to share what you miss from the 'normal' prior to these times of social distancing.

The films will be sorted once we divvy up our submissions, with "___ share their thoughts on the pandemic" being the main content. Here are some fields we expect to complete: - Actors - Students - Educators - Parents - Healthcare Workers - Food service workers

and more! We'd love to have more films to express different lifestyles, but it all depends on what we receive and how we sort it out! That being said, we strongly encourage you to share a little about your lifestyle/occupation in the video. We also encourage you to share our project and keep in touch with us at and The main contents of your submission doesn't have to be surrounding your occupation, however. We would just like to hear raw thoughts and messages you wish to share with others in regards to the current climate! It can be a short or long clip- whatever you are comfortable with that is below 3 minutes. Another note we do need to hear would be sharing what you miss from the 'normal' prior to these times of social distancing. Once your video is submitted, I'll be following up with an email confirming you're okay with your clips being used in the film and the potential film(s) it would be a part of in the series. Along with that I'll be asking if and how you'd like to be credited, along with any promotional links you'd like to include!

DEADLINE: April 22, 2020

Thank you again for expressing interest in this project! If you have any questions or would like to further chat about this, never hesitate to reach out! Thanks and stay safe and positive!

Sarah Osman

(Published 4/6/2020)

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