Vintage Car Photoshoot!

Photo by Jesse Knecht / In frame: Sarah Osman (me!)

Recently I had the amazing opportunity to work with Jesse Knecht on a photoshoot for a calendar centered around a beautiful vintage car! To keep in theme with the car, I modeled two different looks that had a vintage feel I thought could compliment the car. On makeup, was the wonderful Kimberly Tilton, who also played with colors that fit the vibe and theme.

When looking back at the pictures, I can't help but notice the palette of colors! The 1967 Chevy Truck was a lovely seafoam green and the sky had a light blue hue with the addition of subtle clouds. I added in a red headband for a pop of colors to contrast the bluer tones; I really liked the color mixes in the photos!

Sarah Osman (me!), Kimberly Tilton, Jesse Knecht, and the owners of the showcased vehicle!

I really loved working with this amazing team and can't wait for you to see more of the pictures!

(Published 2/13/2020)

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