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‘Does the Band Eat’ Film!

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Alfredo Nittoli, Sarah Osman (me!), Joe Cilento, and Alexandria Pascucci behind the scenes of “Does the Band Eat”

I’m a 1960s gal! Recently I had the pleasure of working onset with Alfredo and Sherman Nittoli for their film Does the Band Eat playing the character Rita! Working with friend actor/model Alexandria Pascucci and actor/musicians Joe Cilento and Michael Byrne was a true joy! This shoot was filled with fun and I had an incredible time working with the cast and crew in this vintage setting! Be on the lookout for more updates for this upcoming feature film!

* Alexandria Pascucci and Sarah Osman (me!) onset

* Cast and crew of Does the Band Eat

Sarah Osman

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