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Major Network TV Series - my first costar role!

Sarah Osman (me!) behind the scenes

On October 29th, I had the most amazing day working on a series for a major network! Although I can't share much about the project, I'd like to share my experience as much as I can!

When I had the opportunity to audition for this network, I was grateful for just that in itself. Then when I discovered I was in the final rounds of booking the role I was shocked, but to be cast was just- wow! As my first TV costar role (under 5), I wasn't too sure what to expect from my day filming. When the day came I just couldn't help but look at everything around me and feel extremely grateful.

So many things were new to me, like vans transporting actors to and from set and my own trailer room, all with my first SAGAFTRA co-star role!

Trailers onset! Had to hide some info like character names and production info

I can't wait to share more information about this, but for now you can subscribe to my blog posts at to receive an email when I post to stay updated!

(Published 12/1/2019)

Sarah Osman

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