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Hair Photoshoot with Sensationnel!

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

I've always had a lot of fun with my head of hair, and this shoot was just that! Earlier this month I had the pleasure of modeling for Sensationnel, a hair and product brand. I modeled their products like beautiful hair extensions and wigs and spent the day with the loveliest team of people at the studio!

I had my makeup done by Darya Latham and hair done by Janel Sealy Smith, and wore the cutest outfits from their wardrobe! Organized by Geramine Chua and Angie Lee, the photoshoot consisted of modeling and doing video demos of the hair pieces. The day was incredibly fun and I absolutely loved every moment of it!

Seeing myself in a variety of hair styles and colors was surreal and being onset made me feel so grateful for the opportunities I have. I'm also now debating on buying a wig or dyeing my hair because of this shoot!

Check out the pictures and video in this post- what’s your favorite style of these two looks? We shot many more styles, so there’s a lot more to come later! I can't wait to see the shots and catalog, looking forward to sharing with you!

(Published 10/28/2019)

Sarah Osman

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