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Walking Dead at New York Comic Con!

Sarah Osman (me!) zombie look day 1

Can you recognize me? What a crazy two days! On October 4th and 5th I got to be a zombie! Well, it wasn't just that... I got to be a zombie for the Walking Dead at New York Comic Con!

Getting my zombie look took two hours and was by the incredible team of makeup artists at KBZ FX, Brea and Zane. As a zombie I got to hang out and take pictures with fans at the Walking Dead pop-up shop and went to the Javits Center for NYCC! During the two days I got to meet Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman (pictured below!) and make some other zombie friends!

Sarah Osman (me!) with Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman

It took more than an hour to remove the makeup but it was a time I'm sure to always remember! I had such a unique experience time working this event and now can “Be a zombie” off my bucket list!

Sarah Osman (me!) zombie 2

(Published 11/9/2019)

Sarah Osman

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